Inside The Soul of Islam (Hardcover) (Z24)

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Tajuk: Inside The Soul of Islam
ISBN: 9789672420637
Penerbit: Tertib Publishing
Muka Surat: 312
Tahun terbit: 2021
Halaman: Hitam Putih
Format: Hardcover (New Edition)
Berat (kg): 0.393
Dimensi (cm): 19.7 x 13.3 x 3.0

Practiced by over 1.8 billion people, Islam is the world’s second largest faith, yet most of us don’t know what the beliefs of Islam actually are.

‘Inside the Soul of Islam: A Unique View Into the Love, Beauty, and Wisdom of Islam For Spiritual Seekers of All Faiths’ gives a much-needed understanding of this widely misinterpreted faith, and an insight into the essential teachings, universal values, and deep spirituality it offers us all.

In this profound yet highly accessible book, the author provides a vital introduction to the essential teachings of Islam.

In each short chapter he focuses on a core teaching from the Quran, such as loving kindness, resilience, gratitude or forgiveness, and shares his unique insight into how these teachings can lead to spiritual evolution in anyone, regardless of their beliefs, religion or background.

The author also considers the role of women in Islam, as well as the true nature and meaning of the words ‘jihad’ and ‘shariah’.

Finally, touching upon current events, the author demonstrates how acts of violence committed in the name of Islam are inherently un‑Islamic, and boldly concludes not only that Islam is not the cause of terrorism – Islam contains the cure for it.

CODE PRODUK: 9789672420637
BERAT: 0.393kg


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