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Trauma is among the commonest presentations at the emergency room being the third highest mortality (28.6 per cent) after coronary heart and septicaemia. The economic loss resulting from trauma has increased every year at the average rate of 9.7 per cent since the past three decades.


In order to equip the young doctors with vast knowledge and experience in this area, the Ministry of Health has introduced additional posting in the anesthesiology and critical care as well as the accident and emergency departments during housemanship training to ensure better management at the front line.


This book of trauma and resuscitation combines the input on trauma with its suitable resuscitation procedures so that it becomes handy to the first liner while managing a major trauma that may be encountered at the emergency setting. The theoretical facts are made simple with the assistance of diagrams, pictures and illustrations.


It is hopes that this book will be beneficial not only to the medical undergraduates but also to the house officers and medical officers who are the front liners in the management of emergency cases.

CODE PRODUK: 9789674607814
BERAT: 0.435kg


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